Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Memorial Day

On Monday morning we got up early and headed to Cashton, WI to go to a green house auction. We are walking up and there are all these horses and buggies - tons of them. I don't know if I've ever been to Cashton really. It's Amish land!!! It was so beautiful, perfect day to be out and about. It's beautiful country there. I just couldn't stop taking pictures. I can't even begin to put them all on here. This is just a small taste. So, back to the beginning... we walked up to this auction and Matt says, "Mary!?!" I'm walking behind Matt and am thinking, "Mary, Mary who? Who do we know here? What Mary do we know here...?" And then I come around Matt to see MARY! Our second mother Mary! Her and her friend, Deb, were just leaving. Mary lives in the cities and us in Dakota...... and we meet in Cashton!!!! Small world. Really small sometimes:-) They said they were going to be going to some smaller Amish green houses. We decided to follow them to those sense this auction was huge, everything being sold in large quanities. Deb grew up in the area and knew where she wanted to do and what they had where. So, we didn't even see the aucton really, we just followed them:-)
These are just a few of the Amish horses that were tethered up by the cars - kind of funny. They were all so pretty, and looked rather board to me.
See, doesn't he look board?
Our first stop was a green house where they had these sweet potatoes in jars. Very neat. Wouldn't have guessed you could do this to a sweet potato.
We hit about three other small green houses. They mostly did annuals. I didn't get too many of those. Deb bought some. Her and Mary do this trip every year around April. This year they were late and there wasn't as much to chose from. This is a perennial garden. This cute little Amish lady, about 65 years old maybe, ran around in her bare feet digging up little bits of whatever kind of plant you wanted. You'd get a box (or have Matt get one:-) and then tell her want you wanted. I could have gone out of control here. I really could have. But... I was good and only spent $30. I got a lot of good stuff for that though! I was thrilled. I could just buy and buy perennials! Ask Matt;-) This year, though, I have gotten EVERYTHING that I've gotten into the ground. I have had years where something will sit in the pot till next year when it comes up in the pot again:-/
Matt, Mary and Deb at the perennial garden. It was fun. I told the little lady that I was jealous and wished my years looked like this.
This is my favorite picture of the whole day (and I took a lot of them!!) This horse was tethered here to graze. There were about five little Amish boys playing in a ditch two hundred yards away and he was watching them. He was so, so pretty!!
They're enjoying the sun too! It was a beyond beautiful day!
And these horses did not get Memorial Day off:-(... maybe next year?

While we were green house hopping, Mary and Deb told us they were going to be going to a church lunch / fund raiser at the church were Den grew up. We went there w/ them too! It was such a wonderful day. And so much fun to run into them. They had a much more fun day planed then we did. We didn't have a plan:-D We also got to see Deb's grandma's house. I don't think it was her real grandma, but that's what they called her. The two houses are now bed and breakfasts. We went in one of them.. it was beautiful.

This is the lovely burn I acquired over the long weekend. This isn't the bad side either. You know how burns get worse after a few hours... The right side of me and the left side of Matt (from being in the car) were pretty burned... but, you know, the sun felt SOOO good that we didn't even care! Now, it's turning into a nice tan:-D

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Heather said...

Your pics are wonderful as usual.
:-) I especially love the pic on the top of your do you do it?!? I am so glad you can come to Fresc's wedding with me so you can take those amazing pictures of me and fresc and so on :-D