Monday, May 12, 2008

Yard Work, and lots of it...

This is a pretty Jonquil in my back yard.
Matt decided to take out the tree stump in our front yard, from a tree we cut down about two years ago. He worked hard at it. This is Sunday afternoon..
This is Monday night. He was working on it again. Has a lot of the roots taken out now. I don't know totally what his plans are w/ it, but it'll be good to get it out of there cause I want to plant a Magnolia tree there. While he was doing that I was planting some... Angles trumpet or something like that from my grandma's house. Also planted some seeds. I can't wait to see them come up:-)

This is a Rhododendron bud.. One of my Rhododendron bushes is doing really well and the other not so well.

I don't remember what this is called now... it's pretty though!

My Bleeding Hearts! Aren't the beautiful?! I was having a hard time getting a good picture cause the wind was blowing so hard. I have two pink ones and one white one. The white one is a little slow this year... we'll see how it does. They have to come up and around before it gets too hot or they'll fry in the sun.

Hyacinth - they smell sooo good! I don't have very many of them, but would like to get more at some point.

We had our city wide garage sale this weekend. I love it cause it's when the two "flower ladies" in town have sales too! YAY! I got so many plants for only ten dollars! I was so excited. So, we came home and planted them right away before it rained. Matt weeded - what an amazing guy?!?! I also moved a bunch of stuff around in the yard. Things that had gotten too big and had to be split. I also got a few plants from my grandma's yard. Some raspberries, Vines w/ some sort of flower on it, hostas... It was a good weekend for yard work and planting!!

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