Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My beautiful horse:-)

On Monday I had a hoof rimming appt for my horse, Henry. When we had my other horse, Raja, we were able to trim them. We'd do Raja's first and then Henry knew it was okay and that were, indeed, not trying to kill him. Now, w/ Raja gone he won't let us hold a hoof up for anything. And I don't have time... wait, I don't MAKE time to go and work w/ him on a daily basis. Sooo, the vet comes and gives him a little mellow, happy shot and then it take fifteen mins to trim them! When we first got Henry his hoofs were in pretty bad shape. His previous owners didn't take care of them at all. We had gotten them pretty good again when we got him. Then Raja died and he wouldn't let us keep a leg up long enough to do anything. So, now I just have a guy come and do it for me. $30, you can't go wrong! lol.. So, that is my story and this handsome guy is my horse, Henry:-)
Pretty boy!!!

Here he is, wondering "what is she doing now?!"

He kept giving me this "look" like I was trying to shoot him when I just wanted to take his picture! He's such a pretty boy!

And here's he's real coloring! I love his color. I wish I had hair as pretty and vibrant as that:-)

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Anonymous said...

Good pics! This morning Dad made Henry move cuz he was scraping around in the dirt. Henry got mad and then when Dad called for him to come back, he wouldn't look at him and was pouting--too smart!