Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Worm Shocker!

Here's the Worm Shocker!!! One of the neighbor boys, his mom and grandpa were all out and about last Saturday when Matt and I were out doing yard work. Daniel, the little boy, wanted to go fishing so grandpa got the worm shocker out to get worms! I have never seen anything like this. We tagged along to watch, then we moved to our yard to try it...

Here come the worms! They thought it wasn't working very well cause the worms weren't coming out as fast as they had remembered... but, some did come out. It was pretty interesting!

Grandpa and grandson. Rich is our next door neighbor and his daughter (Daniel's mom), Michelle live about three houses down from us. They are fun people to have for neighbors. Hey, they put up w/ our messes and are still nice to us when a cat poops in their lawn and we have to go get it:-p Great people!!

Proud worm catcher!! He's such a nice little boy! Later that day he and his mom did go fishing and they did catch quite a few fish:-)

So, that was some of the fine Saturday morning entertainment here in Dakota:-D


Michelle S. said...

awwww, thank you for including my little family in your blog!! We love reading it and looking at your beautiful pictures!! Daniel and Grandpa will be very excited to see it!!! Michelle

Heather said...

Never heard of a worm shocker. That would have been fun to observe. Do you know how it works?