Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I love weekends and taking pictures..

Last weekend we were in Cannon Falls for Matt's cousin Andy's conformation. Had a good time w/ family and relaxing. That's what all the cheesecakes were for - the conformation. On Sunday before we left we went w/ Matt's brother, Jeremy and his wife Becca to take pictures at the old farmstead. It's where Matt's grandpa and his dad farmed for years. So many neat old outbuildings. I went picture crazy, taking about 600. I'll slowly put them up here and there for you to see.
This is Matt's grandpa's old tractor. It was Matt's favorite tractor. Matt and his brother said it always looked "mean" to them.. it has a dented in hood, and I guess that made it look mean. I love this picture. He is so handsome!
This is the grain barn... w/ my man sitting in the window. I did take all these in color. These three looked really good in bw

This was the original house. TWO rooms, that's all! Two rooms... it's a pretty neat little house though. Matt looks good sitting in the door, don't you think!?


Anonymous said...

More good pics! And such a handsome young farm boy!!! Cool to have photos of the old stuff before it goes away. Mammy loves you!

Heather said...

I love the photos! They are so awesome. You are a great photographer :)