Monday, May 12, 2008

Working hard... but having fun doing it!

There is a rush to get Abby and Andy's house done, so that's what we're doing here! This is Friday night - when the fun started full force. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends that gather around you to help and support you like this. These people are wonderful!!
Saturday night. Here's Heather (Left) and Rachael (Right) learning how to tape and mud! They were pretty good at it too! EVERYONE was doing their part:-) We took many cookie, Mikes and chip breaks! What fun, though..

Friday night. Here's Abby - proud owner and mudding QUEEN! She had to teach all of how to mud. Some of us had never done it and some of us only once or twice. She's a pro! They are such a blessing in our lives:-)

Saturday night. Me and Matt:-) I have a butt full of mud and Matt's got a butt full of tools - can you guess who was doing what!? We're a true construction couple:-) Well.... kind of:-) It was a cute picture.


Anonymous said...

Cute butts! Yours is looking smaller all the time. Sorta

looks like a baboon butt with the white--theirs are black

Abby said...

My house is done!!!!! Thanks everyone for your help!