Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more of the weekend..

Hank LOVES to swim. He'll just plob off the end of the dock and swim around in circles, get out and do it again:-)

Matt and Ben on the new bikes. They went for three rides in one day! Can we say having fun!? This was their last ride so they wanted me to get some shots of them. Oh, Rachael, did marry men who are boys at hear!? Look at them.. They were flashing me their gang sign:-p

Ben, doesn't he just look like he needs one!?

I didn't take very many pictures last weekend. I guess I just wasn't in the mood. This is a cool one that I took. Just for fun..

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness those boys and "their" toys. Honestly GANG SIGNS?!?!? Those two couldn't be farther from the gang type.

Mom actually gave Ben her copy of the motorcycle rule booklet with practice test questions, so he get a start on the license/permit. This cannot be good for me.