Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th Of July!!

Me and Sarah on the Vespa! This is just a stunning picture. We even kind of match. We rode around on this and the men were in the cars going their own way.

This is Quilon. He is two days old here. So beautiful. So tiny and precious. I haven't had a baby in my life in a long time, so it was so fun to hold him and watch him. He was another "I just can't stop taking pictures" of him. Mom, Raychel, looked great! I can't wait to see him grow, however, he's sooo cute right now!

My thumb looks big he's so tiny:-)

This is Glady.. she was pretty cute on Wednesday. She's growing too! All these little kids are so cute and picture worthy:-) Glady was having a good time chasing the softballs and going over and hanging out w/ the big guys - she looked so cute w/ all those big tall guys around her in her cute little pink shorts and chubby legs.

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