Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th...

We all went out to eat at the Freight House for dinner on the 4th. We walked thru the Riverfest grounds to get there. Stopped at the fountain so Sarah could get in for a picture. Here we all are - minus Sarah, who's taking the picture.

Abby and her yummy drink. We had some fun drinks here and then Nick got a bottle of wine to share. It was so good. The food was amazing too! We laughed that THIS is why we don't have kids! We wouldn't be out late, sipping drinks, spending too much money on food and drinks if we all had kids:-) We love it!

I'm not really sure what this was about, but it was fun! The girls in their shades w/ their drinks:-)

Matt and I at the restaurant. What a wonderfully fun night! We watched the fireworks and then went to a dance club place because Sarah and Abby wanted to dance. It was dead. And the ppl that were there were funny to watch, or some chick hitting on one of us girls:-/ We didn't stay long there:-p It was such a fun night, that we're all talking about how and when we'll repeat it again:-)

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