Thursday, July 31, 2008

Softball playoffs!

The guys had their first playoff game last night - and they won!!! I am pretty sure it was Sara, Glady and I cheering at the end there that did it:-) It was such a good game to watch!! I haven't been very good at paying attention cause it's more fun to sit and talk to all those ladies then watch. But, last night I went and sat in the dug out for a bit and it was such a fun game to watch!

Here they are after the big WIN!! Yay... we get to play next week now, in the championship game:-D

Glady helping to cheer. Look at that look on her face!? Such a cutie! She's been changing so much week to week, looking so grown up:-( Those little looks she gives you are so.. young lady - you better watch out Sara, she'll be a looker:-)
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Anonymous said...

I'm so upset that I went and saw the loosing Twins and missed the winning CBC softball team! I promise I'll be there wednesday though! :)