Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I feel as though...

I don't have much to say really..

I have a cute picture of our bunnies for you. Chester is all layed out enjoying himself and Emma was cleaning his head. They love each other so much!

Today was mellow. I only had to work once and then we had Matt's softball game. They won by 6.. that's their... fourth win in a row now I think.

After the game we went to see little Quilon in the hospital. He is so precious! He had Jaundice and had to stay two nights because of that. Quilon has been sleeping under all these lights, even laying on one to help w/ the Jaundice. He looks pretty happy under his 90 degree lights:-) Today they were going to be able to leave and then they noticed he was only taking about 15 to 20 breaths a mins and he should be taking about 30. So, he was in for another night. He's doing really well, they just wanted to watch him one more night. Raychel is doing okay. She's so fun, cute and down to earth! She's getting tired of being in that one small room. Hopefully they'll get to go home tomorrow - for good this time:-)

I made four rhubarb pies today! Two regular ones after I got home from work and then two more tonight w/ a cream cheese layer on top. If I'm feeling like it, I will put pictures up of my new pie recipe. They do look beautiful!

While I was making my pies and the cleaning up my huge mess from that (that took longer then actually MAKING the pies), Matt played w/ his fishing poles. Getting them all ready for fishing this weekend at the cabin!! We're so excited to be going up to just be lazy and hang out w/ family! Matt bought his in state licence tonight. We'll have to get a weekend, out of state one for this weekend. He was putting new line on some of them. I was teasing him that he's always "putting new line on" and having to buy new line........... but yet, he never finds time to fish, therefor never actually catches anything to eat and make it worth while - Then I though of all the stuff that's such a good idea, buy it and then never use it:-D He's a cute boy - telling me all about his different poles and why he likes what about them. I love him so much!

Well, it's off to bed for me. My typing is really getting crazy, I'm typing words that I didn't even mean to type and then wonder how that got there.. also a lot of backspacing going on! NIGHT!
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