Saturday, August 2, 2008

{beautiful pictures}

An old door we have sitting outside against the house..

Zina by my mail box.. there are more of them now, I'll have to take some more pictures of them:-)

Sunflower w/ some pretty pink flowers in the background

Cornflower bud... I don't remember for sure if that's what they're called, pretty sure they are. It was pretty..

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heather said...

Love the flowers! I like the colorfulness of them and wish i had some but i don't think i'd end up taking care of them and weeding. I walked to Lloyds for one of the last times and on the bridge there was a sunflower growing out of a crack wehre the road and the wall meet. It was so cool i wish i had my camera. Unfortunately i didn't have time to go back and take a picture. Just shows us the beauty and strength of God's powers. :-D