Saturday, August 9, 2008

This is my good friend, Sara. We have been friends for over ten years. We went to Rochester to spend the night in a hotel just for the fun of it. We were going to go to the cities and then we decided that it'd be easier to just not go as far and stay in Rochester. We kept saying how old we were getting:-p We're just not as fun as we use to be! So, for fun I highlighted Sara's hair and waxed her eyebrows. She has been wanting to have me highlight her hair and we just haven't had time. It turned out SO well. We bother thought it really turned out well! It was a good Carmel color. And, I'm jealous of her good eyebrows. I told her she has to keep them up now, cause they are so pretty! She was such a good sport. She gets to be the sister I never had, never had to be able to do things like that with:-) I felt like the amount of time we were up there, we ate a lot! Red Lobster and Applebee's, all in about twelve hours. It was fun.... That was my Friday night/Saturday morning.

We are watching Callie the dog for some friends that are out of town. We love dog sitting. Matt's LOVES dogs, so he's in heaven. When I was gone last night he had a lot of fun and quality time w/ Callie. Tonight we took her for a swam in the Mississippi River. She was fetching a HUGE stick - about three times her length - it was cute, I think she was very proud of being able to do that. Matt gave her a good rinse when we got home.

We are going to watch a movie now...
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