Monday, August 4, 2008


On Saturday we were on our way to go canoeing and stopped to get gas at Nodine - this was their sign! It says, "Come Dike s!" and is suppose to say, "Welcome Bike's!" The "wel" fall off and they didn't have enough "B's" so they thought a "D" would do:-) Matt said I should go in and ask where the dike's were... and act disappointed. I didn't! Oh, leave it to Nodine truck stop.... I told Matt this was just the start to an interesting day - we are after all a Fahrendholz and a Nelson (now two Nelson's!).

We dropped the canoe and back down to the bottom and then we biked back up to the canoe, got in and then floated back down to the car. It was fun! The canoe was full though. Here is our fearless conqueror!

Some geese sunning themselves:-) There were about 15 of them all together..

The end of our trip.. "Rushford" in the hill... this is the prettiest part of the trip I think... it's so wide and calm..

It was a beautiful day to be out on the river! We had such a good time - we said this is another reason we don't have kids, we don't have to take them with and we don't have to pay a babysitter when we get home:-p It was a wonderful little trip. We hadn't done it since we were dating. It was fun..
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Anonymous said...

Ah, Nodine, the town of my youth! That sign is pretty fancy--I don't think it was there when I lived there. Looks like a fun day and it is soooo beautiful and green there. I've loved all your pictures of flowers and scenery. When I lived in the area I always thought it was beautiful but I never realized how subtly unique it is. But when I'm reading my blogs and I see a picture you took I right away know, "That's home!" :-) Thanks for sharing!