Thursday, August 7, 2008

We'll be on the water soon..

We are in the process of getting the boat up and running. This is a picture of Matt holding $106.16 worth of licence, registration and letters for the boat. Matt did some more calling around today to see what it would cost to replace lots of hoses and such.. It looks like it maybe won't cost as much as we had thought it would cost. We're happy about that. I think Matt's excited:-) I am too... but he's cute about it! It'll be fun to be out on the water in our own boat! We are going to the cabin Labor Day weekend and want it for then - we shall see!
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Anonymous said...

yay for the boat!! Dad will be happy to hear about the progress. Hopefully we can see it on it's first time in the lake in 20+ years Labor day weekend!

Tessa Nelson said...

You are such a faithful connenter - I love it! Yes, I hope we can too! We should smash a bottel of something on it's bow! :-p lol..

Anonymous said...

I love how often you blog!! It makes it easier to comment more often. :) We totally should do something to christen the boat, that'd make for great memories.