Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday evening

We went to a Logger's game on Saturday night. Matt got four tickets from work, so Sarah, Kevin, Matt and I went. It was fun.. Here are some very pretty clouds as the sun was setting..

Just a neat picture..

The other team...

Just a cool picture that I touched up for fun..

We didn't stay til the end. It was sooo long. After every inning, they do some little show/game thing, usually with kids in them. It's fun for a little while and then you just want to see them play three whole innings w/o all that horsing around. It's fun to do once a year, though. We had a lot of goodies from the concession:-)

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heather said...

I went with my grandpa to one of the games. i thought it was pretty fun, but i agree it does get long. some of the skits between the shows were cute but others were very cheesey. Did you get any free prizes?

Love the sky picture by the way :D