Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The boat

The latest is that we're in a crunch. Matt's been working so very hard on it. This is what my sun porch table looks like right now.

New spark plugs and caps. This look beautiful to ppl that paid for them and want to be out on the water.

The nuts and bolts of it. Right here. The hard, dirty work. He was getting kind of frustrated w/ it all tonight. What a guy, though, being able to do all this himself. I am impressed! Tomorrow night his dad's coming over to put it on the water to make sure it's running before we pay for gas to haul it three hours north. It's getting close. Exciting:-)

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Anonymous said...

Yay boat!!! Hope all goes well with the test today!

heather said...

Love the boat, wish i could take a ride in it.