Monday, December 29, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things......

These are old Bibles that my grandpa gave me when we were cleaning out their house. I got them for my mom because I knew she wanted them someday. The top one is my grandma Olson's very first Bible after she became a Christian. The second one (I'm pretty sure) is my grandpa's Bible that he preached from for years. The bottom one is my great grandpa's (my mom's grandpa) Bible that he preached out of for years. He was a missionary in China. My grandpa (my mom's dad) was a missionary in Taiwan. What a neat and Godly ancestry I have!

My friend, Sarah, gave me this really good smelling oil from Bath and Body Works then we liked. They didn't have any at that store that day. She went to a different store later and got us both some. I have really great girlfriends! This same Sarah was due Dec. 25 with her second child, a girl, Eve... I am still waiting for the call:-) I can't wait to go see her and give her some fun girly gifts and take some pictures of her and the baby:-) On Christmas Eve I went and took some fun pictures of her tummy. I will post some pictures sometime soon I hope. She's a blessing to me!

Ooooo, and the candle warmer is new too! Yay, I've been wanting one and Matt let me get it:-D

Matt, doing some wrapping... Now, he is one of my favorite things in life!!!! He is so sweet, loving, kind and good to me!!!

My favorite slippers. Love them. So big, warm and fluffy. Those are some $12 little shoes. I'm trying to get some more shoes I can wear in this weather:-/ They are cute and the price was right.

Christmas candles on sale!!! I mean sale! The tall ones were $12 each and I got them for a little more then $2! The small one and jars were $1.79!! I got them all for about $11. I was thrilled! I got one of the tall ones and then my sweet husband let me go back and get some more because I was just so thrilled about the price! I love them... all these good smells in my house on a cold winter day or night.... ahhh:-}

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Jody Blue said...

You are so blessed to have such a Christian heritage. I love the picture of the Bibles.

Becca Nelson said...

Love those pictures of the Bibles! Very cool to have.

I also bought candles on clearance. Love em!

We missed you at our house last week! We had a fun time. It was good to meet Averi. Do you guys hang out much? We should all hang out here in the Cities one weekend...maybe when it gets warmer. :)