Friday, December 5, 2008

What a ham!

This is Matt. Matt spent his lunch break w/ me at home on Wednesday. Matt ate a lot of ham. That makes him a ham! Look at all of it! I should have taken an after shot.. there wasn't much left.
My sweet husband was good enough to put plastic on almost all of our windows for the winter. He went and got the plastic and put it on while I was at work. Great. I came home and walked into the kitchen and "....... oh..... Matt, I can't see out the kitchen window.....!" he walks in saying, "yeah, I got the best, thickest plastic they had. I figured the thicker the better..!" I am thankful he did it for us. I am. And now I'm over the fact that I can't see out most of the windows. This too shall pass. It's called Summer. But...... the cats are freaking out a little, and it's kind of funny. The cats lives are lived sleeping, eating and watching whatever is (or isn't) going on outside. They especially love to watch our neighbor, grandpa. That's what we call him. His name is Walter. He is retired and a very busy man. Always doing something anal retentive. He's such a busy body. He's always up and out pounding on something very early in the morning. Great, right!? They are nice people, though! Anyway! The cats only have one window they can actually see out of now. one.

They have to get up on to the stove to look out it, too! They try to look out the plastic covered windows. They still try. Even after weeks of it being this way. Ruffis looking to see what he can see. And Hank, having just left the window, to realized that... yep, nothing going on out there.

**I hate taking pictures of a black cat.. you can't get a good picture of a black cat:-(**
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Anonymous said...

That's so funny about the cats and the windows!! Don't you wonder what they are thinking about when they act confused?! Kristi

Jody Blue said...

Tessa, just tape some summery colorful pictures on the plastic, it will be a little mind trick.