Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A night out. Matt had two gift cards, from work, to Manny's restraint. It was a fun date night, and almost free for us! We had a really great waiter so we tipped big:-)

Here's my date! He had a lot of primping to do before I got this picture. Lots. It's like he's the girl! fixin' the hair, had to blow the nose, spiff up... it's cute and I lose patients:-p

The food was as good as my date! I forgot to take a picture of my shrimp before I ate it. So, you just get to see the shell! It was all so good!

And you just went on a date with me and Matt... how do you feel about that??
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Jody Blue said...

HUNGRY!! Thats how I feel-- even though I'm plum full of Christmas goodies.