Monday, December 8, 2008

more from our Winter walk...

Ice... Ice in my gutters, right along side the little trees growing in my gutter. It's been... nope, never mind, we've never cleaned them!
More ice...... I'd rather see wind chimes hanging, but..... gives Matt something to do!

Brrrrr... cold door knob...

The bottles in my yard, I never did get them out of the yard before the snow flew. The grass grew up into the bottle. I'm sure the grass was trying to get away from the pending winter.
Out in my yard

There aren't any pretty red tomato's in these

Our neighbors down the ally from us have all these penguins that they put out in the winter and rearrange them all the time - it's so cute! Sometimes they'll put a Packer something or other out there and make it look as if they are worshiping it. Or, they'll be in a line going somewhere... or they'll just have like three of them out there doing something. It's fun to see what they come up with next.
~ River Street ~

Cold tree looking over the Mississippi...

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Outside the Line said...

Ahhh... thank you for taking me on your walk.


Jody Blue said...

I love the winter photos. I'm one of those people that loves everything about winter except the cost of heating an old drafty house!

Leigh said...

beautiful photos!