Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday once again...

This is my mommy's handy work. I love it. I love all the things she makes me, I just wish I had a real put together house to show them off in. This is a mod poge box she made for me. Love it's personality.

It is Saturday once again... that's a relief..

So far today I've watched "flip this house" on TLC... I love this show. Maybe it reminds me again what can be in my house some day:-)

Matt is out with the Fire Department delivering calenders. Remember, the ones I took pictures for earlier this Fall? They turned out really nice.

We are having a birthday party for Matt this evening!! Matt is 26... we're getting old. When we finally decide to have kids we're going to have to have them bing, bing, bing so that we're not having kids when we're 40! That said, I have a lot of baking to do for tonight. Six Stromboli and a huge salad. I should really get off the couch!

Here's to keeping it real, being blunt and honest!

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Jody Blue said...

Love the Mama gift. Happy Bithday Matt!!