Friday, December 12, 2008

{ Tea on a CoLd day }

TEA, I love a hot cup of tea on a cold day... Raspberry is my favorite. And we've had a lot of cold days to enjoy tea lately...

I have lots of different kinds.... Ummmm:-D I feel like I just can't get anything done sometimes lately because I just want to curl up with a steaming hot cup of something - coffee and tea are my favorites!

I had some "only in marriage" things take place this last week and want to know if you know how I feel...!

The other day, I went to do the dishes and there was one of Matt's lunch containers in the sink. On closer inspection, it was some fish we had had for dinner a few nights before. I see most of the fish still in the container. He has taken this to work with him already, to be clear. I opened it and there it all was, the plastic fork and all... all in that nice little package for me, just for me. I threw it all away and cleaned the container. Later, however... I had a good time teasing him about it. He said he, "didn't have time" to do anything with it. He said this in a tone that (he thought) lead me to believe he really would have done something with it had he actually had time. (yeah, right!) He puts it there, and poooof, the magic fairy takes it away and leaves him with a clean container for something more tasty next time! Pooof. I told him I want the Poooof thing to happen for me sometime......... Ahhhh... I can't wait to have about four of little Matt's running around here, keeping me on my toes.

Then I had a "Ah, ha, this is the difference between men and woman" moment. We were in the shower the other night when Matt's... Looking at me. I said, "what? " and he says, "Well, we're half way there... you're naked, I'm naked.... we're more then half way there" I said, "yeah, we're half way to getting dressed!" Does that not paint a perfect picture of a man and a woman's brain!? Ahhh, nothing like being married! I do love it, I really do. I couldn't be more blessed to have him in my life.. there are just funny differences in us and it's amusing:-)

Tonight Matt and I had a little date and went to a new place in old Onalaska that we've been wanting to try. It was pretty good. The atmosphere was better then the food. I was so hungry, though, that I didn't care. It was fun to go out with Matt. Life kind of takes over sometimes and then all you do it go to work come home and go to bed... that's it, day in and day out. It was nice..

We are looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and just relaxing. Matt and my brother, Tyler, are going to do a guys night tomorrow night at a friends house. Jami and I are going to go to the church Christmas party. Mellow and fun. Love a Saturday like that.

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Sarah Jane said...

Where did you guys go to eat?? I miss you so much! your realness and friendship! Are the boys going to Andy and Abby's? I wish I was there to go to the church christmas party with you!

Jody Blue said...

So many times I say "Am I the only one who see's this?!?!" It is so good to notice the differences and muse over than than to be annoyed by them, you have learned a gem that women twice your age have missed! It was soo good to see you at the Christmas thing. I had so much to chat with you about but lost steam.

Jody Blue said...

Tessa This is my Christmas gift to you for your blog!! Matt won't even have to put it together for you!!! I'm going to get one for myself, but will have to wait till after Christmas, its not in my "time" budget right now. I think I 'll give one to your Mammy also.

Barb said...

I'm waiting for the "Poof Fairy" to come put my Christmas tree back together.