Monday, August 3, 2009

We have just been enjoying life. I have been keeping up on other's blogs and not actually blogging myself. It's easier. We've been trying to soak up summer as fast as we can cause it'll be gone before we know it.
Tomorrow will be a big day for us. Matt will find out if he gets a job he's interviewed for or not. If he doesn't get it, he'll be at WSU full time.. and maybe even if he does get offered the job. Oh gosh. It'll be nice to just know.. so that we know:)
Just got to spend a long weekend w/ the Brage family... what fun! I am so very blessed to have married into a great family. They just love you as if you are their own. AND they are fun, fun ppl! Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend!!!
Summer goes on. I will be back once I am not so busy, or winter...


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Jody Blue said...

I have missed you here, but love your fb updates! Thanks for keeping gus posted on the changes that you are making!