Monday, August 17, 2009

I mede a pie
I made a pie recipe up
Matt wanted a raspberry rhubarb pie. I didn't want one that was a cool one, I wanted one I baked and then was solid. Know what I mean?
This is what I ended up with..
I did a pie with a top, something I never do... And it went well:)

I sent it with Matt in the cabin so he had to do the
end result pictures for me. It turned out well!
Better then I would have guessed!
So pretty. I was impressed with myself:)


Tami said...

Tessa, that looks so yummy. I love the designs on the top, I am never that artistic. Next time I make a pie I will be though!
What is your trick for pie crust? I've never learned, but would like to try.

heather said...

That pie looks sooo delicious! I miss our dinners together! Want to come down here and make some pies and dinners for me???? ;-)