Sunday, August 23, 2009

My beautiful flowers. I am finding that the colors aren't as brit and pretty once I upload them on to my blog. I think I need a nicer blog. haha. One I'd have to pay for:-) Anyway, enjoy for yard thru pictures. I will miss summer. so much!

Matt picking tomatoes.. Matt loves his peppers and tomatoes! He's very cute about them. Weeds them and gives me progress reports. I actually just made some Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.. yumm:)

last rhubarb for the year:( Sad. I give it miracle grow to coax it along all summer.


krislynn said...

The produce is awesome! And the partial flower pictures are my favorite! Are they coneflowers?

Outside the Line said...

I almost always adjust the brightness of my photos in photoshop before I put them up. That gives them that little extra pop.


Tami said...

I'm with you Tessa. Summer is just so magical, the warm air, green grass, beautiful flowers, swimming, BBQ's, no need for jackets. . . .I hate to see it go.