Friday, August 21, 2009

My long time friend, Sara, got married last weekend. I have been friends with Sara since I was I think 14. Her daddy walking her down the isle.

I do..?

Her mommy made the cake!
This is Caledonia where they got married, truly God's country:)

Sara has been a dear friend to me. We have been supports for one another in different ways in different times of our lives. Such a blessing. I kind of grew up at her house when I wasn't at my own or milking cows. I love her family, they are my family:) They have also been a big part of Matt's life for even longer then they've been in mine. Great people!


Anonymous said...

very nice blog entry. Such a sweet and simple wedding day! Kristi

heather said...

That was an awesome cake! I hope her mom is in the cake business.