Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i want to know how to make a collage header for my blog.
i don't know how to do it in iphoto - or can you?
i don't know how to do it in PSE 6... so much to learn.

I get new running shoes today!
cause LORD knows I need to lose
WEIGHT. lots of it. ugh. I am excited though.
i get head aches when I run.
and that makes me sad cause I love to run.
Try, try again? Anyone w/ ideas on that???

My husband is quitting his full time job today.
AHH. are we doing the right thing? it's scary. very scary.
we will be poor and we know it.
he carries the health insurance.
again, AHHH. we don't even know yet
what we're going to do about that!
Again, ideas anyone!?!?

Matt is going to be going
up to the cabin tonight to spent
Thursday thru Saturday w/ his dad and
uncle up there. I will be lonely.
i am not a huge fan of the dog, though he's a
pretty good boy:) Matt's not going to
take him. and i'm secretly happy about
that... if Matt and Oliver left... can you
imagine the quiet!?!? AND, i will have those new
shoes that will
need use!!! It's me and Ollie....
Matt and I haven't really been apart much at all since he was in prison
and that's okay w/ us! we did our stint apart.
I find myself rolling my eyes at myself however,
that i've been married
5 1/2 years and am going to miss him so much
for just three nights! its a good sign though... I do like (and even love) the man!!!


Rachael said...

I have a temporary health insurance through blue cross blue shield while I'm off work in the summer, Ben has had that insurance for almost 2 years now. It's not super fantastic, but it'll work if we were hurt. Not too expensive depending on the plan, but something you could look into.

Outside the Line said...

Did you figure out the header thing? If not I can write up some instructions... let me know.


Jody Blue said...

run in grass or sand, and drink gator aide
no insurance idea's sorry
The Lord will provide.
Poor is just another name for really inventive!

Tessa Nelson said...

Oh Jody, thank you!

krislynn said...

we used brotherhood newsletter for several years...

you sure are people of faith...

go, fight, win!