Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I haven't been on here to blog, really blog, in so long! Life gets busy...
We did a major cleaning about two weeks ago. That was wonderful to get done! I don't know if you could tell just walking in, but you know how good it feels so move everything and start over w/ clean and how you're using the space. We moved the bedroom around and that was refreshing. Matt put plastic on a lot of the windows today. Someday, I will have nice enough windows that I will be able to see out of them all year around. Someday. For now, I'm just glad to be warmer:-)
Matt winterized his boat today:-( It's good to get done (finally), but sad because we won't be on the water anymore this year. Matt also has his first "brush up" class tonight! :-/ I already don't like life w/ him in school! I enjoy my husband too much to lose him a few nights of the week. We can do it, though! He was kind of excited/nervous before he went. I'm so proud of him and happy for him. It will be an interesting, bumpy road:-)
Last weekend we went to the cities to visit Mary. What fun we had. We went to my brother, Tyler and his girlfriend, Jami and our good friends, Kevin and Sarah. We went up on Friday night. Mary made us a wonderful breakfast and then she took us to some fun places. Mary is always finding fun places for us to go, and if she doesn't we give her a hard time! We made a huge mess out of the house and had a great time.. then cleaned like we'd never been there and had to leave:-( It was a good, relaxing get-away though.
Today we got digital TV and the highest speed Internet. We have never had digital TV! I have wanted it for a little bit now. I'm going to cancel the Y membership (cause I just never go lately) and then get a treadmill and watch my good TV while running on it:-)
This weekend we have my grandma and dad's birthday to celebrate. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful ppl in my life, ppl that I love to celebrate the lives of:-)
Well, I'm going to upload some of my pictures and then maybe blog on that... we'll see!

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Raychel Marie said...

It is really hard to not have your hubby with you every night. But you will make it threw plus Matt is doing something amazing for you guys in the long run. But I can totally relate to you. It SUCKS!