Monday, November 24, 2008

Taste of Summer

This is a taste of Summer for you... I just told Matt the other day, "I can't wait for Summer" and he told me I shouldn't hold my breath. So, I won't.. but that doesn't mean I am looking forward to it any less..

This morning I got to go into the Urgent care for the first time in years! I have been having really bad stomach pains. It's my gallbladder:-/ My mom and grandma had theirs removed so I guess it wasn't a shock to the Dr's. They gave me Morphine and some anti nausea meds that made me sooo sleepy! I was glad Matt was there to hear what that Dr had to say cause I was so sleepy and could hardly stay awake or keep my eyes open! Can't really remember anything about the ride home and just dropped into bed when I got home. I slept and slept all day. It was great cause I didn't sleep much at all last night w/ the pain. I get to go in tomorrow morning and do the surgery consultation. I am hoping they can do it fast so that I can eat normally again. I can't eat fat or dairy. Yeah, you tell me what that leaves!? And Thanksgiving is on Thursday...... :-/ Great way to lose weight, ha?:-)

We're watching Heather's kitties for the week and they are pretty cute. Sheba is quite the character. He just loves to sit on the blanket and watch what's going on. She is snugly! She purrs so loud. My cats weren't that happy about it. But they are warming up to the idea. When I was sleeping all day, towards the end of the day, all four of them were laying in the bed w/ me - not hissing, not growling, in the same bed! They just had their little toe nails taken out so they are busy cleaning them. They are warming up to us a lot now. We'll all be use to them and like them and then they'll have to leave! :-(

I have been thinking more and more about Christmas. I want to just skip all gifts I think and then just do some shoe boxes and some of those "tree of giving" thing. I just feel so much like we have everything we need and everyone around me has everything they need, too. I just feel really led to help other ppl that actually need something this year, need tooth brushes, need shirts, need soap - things that I take for granted every day.

That's my life right now. I think I might have to go to bed now. Tired.
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Anonymous said...

Ouch, sounds painful--I hope you feel better soon!

I'll give a shout out to another really awesome gift idea: This is a really cool organization that does a lot of good. The most incredible thing, to me, is that you can see how very little it costs to do so much good for an entire family or community! For only a small amount of money you can buy someone chickens or send a child to school. Anyway, you can buy gifts on behalf of other people and they'll send you a card showing what

Jody Blue said...

Oh Tessa, I'm sorry your in pain. Will pray for you. We are also scaling back on the gifts. Moderation is a good thing.