Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am finally getting the pictures of my lefse making up. This is the dough!

Here are the little patties that you make them into to cool...

Here's rolling it out and then pitting it on the griddle.. It gets those big freckles on it..

Rolling it out again. There's a big stack of done lefse wrapped in a wet cloth.

Here's how you make it to eat it... you butter it, sugar it, roll it up and eat it! Yummm. We weighed it and it was about 8 lbs! We ate a lot of it cause it was so good. I had to just put it in the freezer so we'd stop eating it:-) It's for Thanksgiving. I'll have to make some more for Christmas - I just love the stuff!

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Becca Nelson said...

Looks so good!

Jody Blue said...

We (when I say we it usually means Jon and the kids, the me part of the we does alot of watching and traffic directing) did ours Saturday. Jon and Willy peeled 20 lbs of potatoes. The me part of the we also ate more than my fair share. Its so good! I'll post my pix later.

Jody Blue said...

Oh one more thing-- never have tried the wet towel thing always just a stack of cotten diapers. Who did you get your lefse info from? We should exchange notes sometime.