Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm getting inked!

I'm going to be getting inked soon and want your ideas! I am really having a lot of trouble figuring out WHERE I'm going to put it on my body? Matt and I both want to get "agape love" the agape in the original language, Greek and then love in English. This is just an image that I found when looking for tattoos and I liked it. This is nothing like what my tattoo is going to be like, just thought is was cool.


Amanda said...

Where the girls I'm getting tattoo's with eventually decided on the lower back off to one side. That way, it's not a "tramp stamp" and it can be easily covered. There's the shoulderblade if you want to easily be able to show it off, but then you run into problems like being in weddings and having to use tattoo cover. A cool choice I've recently run into is on the side under your arm, but I imagine that hurts like the dickens.

There's my two cents! Have fun!!

heather said...

I really like the shoulder blade. You can cover it up pretty easily and in the summer you can show it off. The ankle is another place where it might look cool. Then you can see it along with everyone else...when you want to show it off.