Friday, November 7, 2008


This is a strange life I live... and I am pretty sure that I love it. This is Hank, he likes to sit on this chair w/ the hole in it. I still have the chair cause I like it. It's rather funny to watch him try to maneuver around that hole to try and sit on it. It's just in such a good spot in the house. In the doorway of the living room and bedroom. He can catch all the action. Doesn't he just look the sight, sitting there all serious, as if there is not a hole in the chair that he's sitting on!?

Wednesday night we had the bedroom window open all night. Probably the last time that'll happen this year. Sad. But, it was wonderful. I could hear the rain off and on.
I have been making lefse like a mad woman the last two days. What fun:-) I love to do that kind of thing. It's just not Thanksgiving or Christmas w/o lefse! When we were living in the app I went out and bought all the equipment to make it. About $300 later, I was set! I have used it a lot too. So, I do not feel bad. My friend, Raychel, says that I have an "old soul." I think she's right. I though, "what, am I 80 years old... enjoying making lefse!?" That's not something a 25 year old would enjoy doing, or even know how to do. I have been doing it w/ my brothers and cousins since I was about 13 -14 maybe. I will put pictures up later.
It's good to be done w/ another week. We've had a busy one. And will have another busy one. But, the weekend break is wonderful!

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heather said...

Oh Hank! What a goofy, but handsome cat! Can I get your recipe for lefse? I was mentioning it to the cooks at my school and the one asked if I have a recipe. I plan on bringing some back at thanksgiving so everyone can try it. Give them a new experience.

Sarah Jane said...

Tessa I love you and your Crazy LIFE!!! I can't wait to try lefsa!!