Monday, November 3, 2008

we shall see....

Well, we shall see now what happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave. There is a part of me that wants to say, "I am no longer proud to be an American" however, it does not matter who my president is, I have a KING! I have a peace even though I am scared for this nation and it's freedom and liberty. If I fell into that "I am not even proud to be an American" feeling I would be no better then Obama himself - not showing a true love and respect of this great country we are blessed to live in.
Quoting my friend, Bruce, "It’s not a surprising result because about every 15 years, the uninformed liberal “youth” vote gets enough turnout and elects a radical. It happened for Carter, Clinton, and now this guy. The result for Carter was 444 days of hostages, misery index, and gas lines. Clinton had all kinds of chances to get Usama bin Laden and ignored them, the result was 9-11. No telling what this radical is going to do (or not do) to our beloved country."
I can't wait to say "I told you so" but until then our KING does require us to pray for and respect our leaders.
I now leave you w/ these Fall pictures:-) We are slowly dying... everything will slowly be going into hibernation... turning cold and white.. I will miss the green all around me. But, w/o that to look forward to (and spring), what would we have to wait for and look forward to? It will be back.... I will... I just have to remember that!

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Jody Blue said...

AMEN girlie!! As always, love your pictures.

heather said...

beautiful pictures. Don't worry about the president. Good things may happen...keep a positive attitude. Can't wait to see you and then we can go exploring and take pics together. There have got to be beautiful things even in the cold and dormnite.