Friday, April 11, 2008

Another rain soaked day!

It's stillllll raining here:-( Life does go on though. Should be nice by Monday!? After work stopped in to see my mommy for a while, and had a good chat.

Had a wonderful time milking cows today - cause I only had to go once:-D Matt had a busy day at work so was kind of late getting out of there. We went to Sara's for the evening. It was good fun. She's been a close friend of ours sinse Matt was little and sinse I was about 15. Watched the movie "Evan Almighty" it was pretty good. Better then I expected. Very good movie as far as good clean watching goes:-)

I have a big exercise ball and we've caught Chester (the littler bunny) playing w/ it. He'll roll it around, or bounce it at something and then it'll come back to him and he'll do it again. It's pretty cute! What made me think of that is that it was in the middle of the room when we came home, and that's not where it was when we left:-D

Well, we're tired and off to bed. Matt is changing a friends oil in the morning and then her and I will go work out while Matt's working hard:-p

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