Friday, April 25, 2008

The weekend is here!

It's been a good Friday. Glad it's Friday. Started out raining, hard. Went to the gym w/ Heather. I ran on the treadmill, two and a half miles. I am getting better! My cardio is getting so much better:-) Came home and put corned beef in the crock pot. I've never made that before, and it was really good. Had friends over for dinner and then watched a movie. It wasn't a very good movie - Charlie Wilson's War. Kind of dry in my opinion:-p
Work went well till I had to breed cows. Grrr. The were so bad, wild and irritating. My patients were gone after breeding three of them. Told Steve I was done and he could do the rest! Before that, everything was going well:-D
This is a pretty picture of the river that I took while Callie and I were out and about. So pretty after the rain....
Here are the boys w/ the pets. Matt and Nick sat down then Callie laid down w/ Nick. Hank decide he didn't want Callie to feel like she could intimate HIM, so he laid down right next to, almost on top of, Callie. It was cute! Hank likes her kennel... I think to show her that HE'S the ruler... and then she's all confused like she's not sure if she should stop it, or just watch Hank walk into her house!?! Right now the wind is freaking her out. She's sitting in Nick's lap right now.. the boys are kind of teasing her:-) She's a cutie!

This is pretty little Callie. We're puppy sitting for our friends, Kevin and Sarah. She is a sweet little girl, and so pretty! As she gets a little older the hair on her back gets more curly:-) She's a little pooper, though! I didn't know such a little thing could poo so much! lol.. Matt is LOVING her. He runs in the yard w/ her like he's 6 again, pretty cute!

There she is!!! She thinks she's really something! So proud of her self.... So cute, I hope she always stays this way:-)

Last night I wanted something good, easy and cheap for dinner last night. So.... I e-mailed Matt at work and told him I was hungry for Culver's bergers and onion rings. Then I got to thinking, cup cost and make the onion rings myself!! So I did. They turned out really good. I also did some green beans - also really good, dipped in ranch - yumm! The one thing I'd change about this recipe is put garlic salt, pepper or a chili powder... something to "spice it up" at little bit.

1 c. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 egg, beaten
1 c. milk
2 tbsp. oil
Fat or oil, for deep frying

Combine above ingredients and beat until lumps are gone. Coat onion rings with batter. Fry, a few at a time, in hot fat - stirring to separate - until golden.
Drain on paper toweling. Sprinkle with salt. Fat should be 360 degrees for frying.

Here's Chester. He's pretty cute when he stands up on the dish to eat:-) He's not a friendly guy, but kinda cute!
I'm going to bed. Going to bed to sleep in. It's Saturday!

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It's not Friday anymore and I'm waiting to read more.