Saturday, April 12, 2008

First signs of spring and good friends...

I have some first signs of spring for you! I planted bulbs and I'm seeing my work now:-) Rhubarb on the left! I don't care that much for the stuff... but Matt loves it and I love to cook and bake so I love to make new creations w/ it!
Heather was over and Matt changed her oil this morning. Also made cookies. Matt and I then ran to the bank and library... then came home and napped for three hours!!! It was great! Got up and went to put stakes on the grill and some friends called.. so we put all the stakes on the grill and made lots of other food and six friends came over for dinner. It was a wonderful time. We're all getting old, however, everyone was tired and ready to go home and to bed by 9pm! Matt was wonderful and cleaned up all the dishes and such.
I'm sad that Saturday is already almost over.... Going to watch a movie me bed w/ the hubby now:-)

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EMG said...


I love your pictures!! I'm so jealous of all the time you have for pictures. I hardly get any photography time now with Noah. The pictures I do take always seem to end up being of him too. Funny how being a mommy does that.