Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seeing God's hand in your evey day life is so fun!

Haven't written in a while... been busy and tired!
Some very cool God things have happened the last few days! First, Matt is going to be able to work w/ me on Tuesday and Thursday nights now! This salves so many things for us... such as not seeing one another very much during the week and making a little more money to catch up on credit card debt. Praise the Lord... Also, God has worked in some neat ways w/ in a friendship need being met - I can't really go into it, but some of you know what I mean, and again, praise the LORD!
Matt got to go to breakfast this morning w/ the guys from church. He was glad he got to go to that, it's been a long time sense he's been able to go.
I haven't been out for a run sense last time I wrote:-( I have been so tired (not sleeping well at night) and have had a head ache... I will get to go to the gym tomorrow!!! I am going to take some Tylenol PM tonight, I WILL sleep!
I just got home from my second milking of the day... now having some cheese, meat and crackers... w/ some good, sweet, fake wine w/ the husband:-) I have to give Matt a hair cut now, before I shower for bed. Oh that man's hair grows!
Our a animals haven't really been doing anything too great to talk about. Matt was so wonderful and went and got the greens from the grocery store that they were throwing out for the bunnies. That was so sweet of him!! What a guy I married!?
We're very excited to be going to the cities this weekend to visit Mary. We are in need of a get away and some relaxing fun:-)

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