Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's a windy day here! These are the little crocuses all opened up!! They're loving this 70 degree weather we're having here! This is Ruffis, he would really, really like to get outside w/ me. He's better off in here, though, or I may not see him for a few days:-( I opened the sun porch door this morning and before I could get out there to shut the door to the garage, Emma, Hank and Ruffis were all out there. Emma made a bee line for the garage. I guess she must have had a good time yesterday. I shooed them out and closed the door:-p Ruined their fun! I milk twice today. Not much going on here. I am taking advantage of the wind and putting clothes, rugs and sheets out on the line. Dinner is in the oven so I better go finish that so I have something to feed the man when he gets home!


Cynthia said...

Hi Tessa, its me, cindylynnwho from fatsecret. I love your blog! so happy and full of wonderful things like kitties and bunnies and doves and flowers. :) have a great day!

Senior Turkey said...

I don't know how you do this blog thing but it is soooo inspiring - spring, river and run! LY Mom-in-law