Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This... this after my pretty rhubarb!?

Sometimes I just wish I had more time! I read other peoples blogs and it makes me want to blog... it's therapeutic to blog! But yet, to get it in most days I sit, like now, at almost midnight doing it!

Matt just went to let Ruffis in from being locked out on the screen porch and he caught himself a bat:-/ Ekkk... I really do not care for bats. One night, while at Abby and Andy's house, one came flying thru the dining room and I ducked so fast and said, "ahh, it's a bat"... Abby went to hide under the table - I thought that was a good idea and followed:-) The boys used the "bat racket" and got it. I sill get made fun of for reacting the way I did. Rats, bats, mice... who LIKES those things?! Come on!?!? lol... That was off the beaten path of where I was going w/ this whole thing, where was I going...?

This is what we woke up to on Monday morning here. SNOW. Big, fluffy, white snow. It was pretty, well would have been pretty I should say, two months ago.

That right there... those are my tulips and irises trying to come up... Mean, mother nature can be just MEAN:-p

The guys had their first softball game tonight. It was fun.. it was cold, I'm not going to lie. They won. Even if it was a "just for fun and pratice" game. I was bummed I forgot my camera at the house. I guess I didn't miss a picture of their first real game:-) That's to come next week - bet you can't wait!? We did have a fun, if a bit rushed, through together dinner/pot luck at Addy and Andy's before the game and that was fun. We'll continue to do that:-) I love ppl that are real (have their houses ripped up like mine) and love to eat:-D
I have to go to bed now.. I'll write more later. I'm tired now.

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Anonymous said...

Dad says there is a lot of good nitrogen in that white stuff so maybe the tulips are happy.