Monday, April 14, 2008

Everyone around here is happy to see the sun again!!

My bunnies are as happy to see the sun as I was! I think Matt's just okay w/ whatever, sun or no sun... he's just a happy guy:-) This is Emma (black and white) and Chester. I opened the front door for them to be able to soak the sun up today! When we came home from church yesterday we caught these doves sunning themselves on a roof! Aren't they cute!? The breeze would come up and ruffle their feathers and they'd just sit there happy as can be! They had the same idea I did... get out there and get some vitamin D!
We got to go out for lunch w/ Matt's parents after church yesterday. That was nice. We live so close yet due to the day to day busyness we don't see that much of each other. Had good food and good conversation...

Back to the bunnies. Emma is the outgoing one. Chester follows Emma, and only if she's going somewhere safe (like not out on the kitchen floor - too slippery). We got up from a nap yesterday and Matt couldn't find Emma. We had the door open to the sun/three seasons porch and she does go out there but always comes back in. Matt looked and looked... he even looked in the garage cause there's a door into the garage from the sun porch. Still couldn't find her. He went out there one more time and here she comes... hopping out from under the car!!! We are such great pet owners! But oh, our pets have a good time around here:-) She came hopping back up in the house, seemed happy about her adventure!

Matt and I milked last night. Had a good time. It's fun to milk w/ Matt:-) He's a good little milker for a city boy:-D

Today I went for a two mile run! It felt very good. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see a barge or train:-( hehe.. I was running on a bike path by the river and train tracks. It was still beautiful and the sun felt great! I got to sit by the river and watch it go by as I stretched.... what a beautiful, beautiful place I live!?!

I'm reading a good book right now. It's called "Water Like a Stone" by Deborah Crombie. It's set in Scotland. The words they're using and way they talk make me want to talk like that and be Scottish!:-) It a very good book so far...

Well, off to watch a little Law and Order w/ my husband. We love to watch old Law and Orders on Netflix!

Till next time!

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Anonymous said...

Aww Tessa, they look so happy in the sun! What lucky bunnies!