Monday, April 21, 2008

More of the weekend and..... I think summer is finally coming!

Here we are again......

It was a BeAuTiFuL day here in Dakota today! Wow, I couldn't get enough of it - the sun, good smells, sounds, green grass and the breeze! I got up early and put clothes on the line, and lots of them! When I got home from work I went for a run on that cute little bike path right on the river that I've written about before. Remember how it runs right along the train tracks also? Today there were about thirty (or maybe more) Canadian Pacific Railroad trucks and fixer trucks on the tracks along the whole way! That made for a more noisy, stinky and amusing run:-) One of them honked at me (who knew one of those machines would have a horn!?!?) and then there was a group of older guys just standing around in a huddle talking and they looked up at me a one waved so I waved - figured then I knew they saw me so I gave them a good wave and then they all waved back.. what a trip!
After dinner Matt had a fire department meeting. When he was at that I went into town and got groceries and went to the library. Nothing too exciting. I was pooped and was not in the mood to do anything other then sit on my butt and play on-line:-p

Back to our weekend! Sunday we got up late and had a wonderful breakfast! We always eat SOO well when we go to Mary's:-D Then we poked around, went shopping and then out to eat (no, not eating again!?!?).. then came home a napped... and then on the road. It was wonderful, I can't even put into words - and I mean it!

Below - Tyler and his girlfriend, Jami at the Mill. Top right-This is the Mill. It was a flour Mill in Mlps. It was such a pretty view up there! That's the Mississippi river behind it - that's what they used to power the Mill.

Left - My mommy and daddy on the observation deck at the Mill.. Below - My handsome husband! I love this picture! We were on the "Never Ending Bridge" at the Guthrie Theater. He's so cute!

Well, it's off to bed for us, tired!

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